Dentist in Five Dock

Prudential Dental Clinic is committed to giving patients the highest quality dental care. We are proud to provide comprehensive and quality dentistry in Five Dock. When it comes to extraordinary service providence which can be reflected through the Reviews given by the customers. The gallery section showcases some of our works too. We have the best Dentist in Five Dock. The most recent dental technology is combined with individualized care at Prudential Dental. We take pleasure in offering affordable dentistry without sacrificing quality.

Being treated by a dentist is a very private experience to assure you we wanted to introduce you to some of the staff members.

Our Dental Specialists

Dr. Kan Ravi is our Principal Dentist here at Prudential Dental Clinic with almost 30 years of experience in clinical dentistry and patient care.

Dr. Gautam Ravi is a general dentist who joined Prudential Dental Clinic in 2020 intending to provide unparalleled dental care to his local community.

The senior dentist at Prudential Dental is Dr. Mamta Chopra with over 20 years of experience in the field.

The mission of Prudential Dental Clinic Five in Dock is to give patients a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for life. The enormous number of long-term patients and their extended families who have been coming to the office throughout the years attests to this.

At Prudential Dental Clinic Five Dock, we provide free children’s dentistry treatment for eligible children under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) which is covered by Medicare. Under this scheme, eligible patients aged between ages 2-17 can receive up to $1000 of dental treatment every 2 calendar years.

For all kinds of dentistry needs visit us at Prudential Dental Clinic, we have the best dentist in Five Dock, and our other locations of operation.

list of Dental services we provide

  • Cosmetic dentistry Five Dock
  • Preventative dentistry Five Dock
  • Invisible braces Five Dock
  • Aligners Five Dock
  • Dental implants Five Dock
  • Children dentistry Five Dock
  • Invisalign Five Dock
  • Root canal therapy Five Dock
  • Teeth whitening Five Dock
  • Ceramic fillings Five Dock
  • White fillings Five Dock
  • Dentist Five Dock
  • Dental clinic Five Dock
  • Emergency dentist Five Dock
  • Affordable dentist Five Dock
  • Best Dentists Five Dock
  • Tooth coloured restoration Five Dock
  • Veneers Five Dock
  • Wisdom teeth removal Five Dock
  • Occlusal splints Five Dock
  • Sports mouthgaurds Five Dock
  • Prudential dental Five Dock
  • Prudential dental clinic Five Dock